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It´s hard to see the forest for trees. We all need help from the outside in order to discover what we don´t know that we don´t know. As a CEO you have an even bigger responsibility to look up new perspectives in order to avoid tunnelvision. Our blind spots block us. Who helps you see yours?

Understand the Purpose

New circumstances bring about chaos and questions. When we understand the higher purpose of what we are going through, it´s easier see how to respond powerfully and show up as a true leader: A hero/ine who serves the Whole from the inside-out and leads with Power & Heart.

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As a leader you can focus on short term goals or chose to take evolutionary leadership for a brighter future for your children and grandchildren. It is possible - and vital - to accomplish both in one go. Want the recipe? Book a call and let´s explore needs, wants & possible paths.

"Kirsten is the most inspiring person I know"

Flemming Christensen
Founder ThinkAboutIt

"In the financial world we know how valuable it is to be able to look around the corner. I grew up with Kirsten. I´ve witnessed her display that ability consistently."

Carsten Stendevad
Co-Chief Investment Officer for Sustainability, Bridgewater 

"Kirsten and her programs provided me and my colleagues with the tools necessary to enable futureproof leadership"

Catarina Marcus-Møller
top executive energy company VEKS

"Thank you Kirsten. For facilitating our development in Good Company Cph. I have learned and unlearned an incredible amount. You are the best mentor I´ve ever had - and I have had many!"

Sille van Loon
Co-Founder Good Company Cph

Upgrade the whole company so everyone plays by the new futurefit rules.


Moneyback guarantee if you do not feel moved, liftet and inspired after 1-2 hours of Visionary Sparring about your professional and/or private challenge(s).

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