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21st Century Leadership

Our future from an esoteric perspective 21st century leadership conscious leadership forecast 2024 2025 futurefit leadthefuture megatrends Jan 04, 2024

In a stable world, it´s possible to plan and project using our analytical, rational intelligence.

In an overwhelmingly complex and unstable world, like the one we live in now, it is not only helpful, but also necessary to employ our other intelligences in order to navigate with clarity,...

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The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership 21st century leadership conscious leadership feminine leadership regenerative leadership Dec 01, 2023


Illumina International is specialized in the 7 Universal, Essential, Timeless Virtues which time has come as they are at the Core to everything else you do, no matter who you are and what level of responsibility you have.

The higher your leadership level, the more you need to pay attention...

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The fast track to global change 21st century leadership conscious leadership illuminary leadership leadership training Nov 06, 2023

While politicians, the media and business people are grappling with inflation, energyprices and selling in a bear market, and the public is horrified over the shortsightedness of our leaders, I dare to think the solution to our challenges is quite simple.

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Sucessful Women - Amp Up to a Whole New Way diversity and inclusion female executives female founders female leader feminine leadership the sophia century Sep 06, 2022

The old ways of the feminine work just as little in the future as the old ways of the masculine. We are in a gigantic paradigmshift and YOU play a crucial role. Which is why you need alle the support you can get. I am here to help you. Book a session and explore your next level.



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Reflections on the new Dawn of Humanity May 19, 2022

This video is recorded while driving so please bear with the sound from the car.

It is a recording of a moment of clarity on the new dawn of humanity and what it takes for us as individuals to reach a new level of consciousness.

What are your thoughts?

What is your experience?

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