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Kirsten is a visionary community leader and mentor to frontrunners, entrepreneurs and change makers and helps leaders with and without a title master the leadership of the new era.

Kirsten Stendevad is the Nordic Awakener of a more Feminine Future and Illuminary Leadership Evolver, specialized in 21st Century leadership.

She is the (co-)author of 8 trendsetting books (in Scandinavian) about 21st Century paradigms which she has lectured about at Harvard Business School, MIT, McKinsey & Company and more.

Kirsten is known for her ability to create transformational networks centered around the leadership of the new era.

Her lifechanging programs enable leaders, business owners and change makers embody leadership 4.0.

She is a popular speaker on topics like “From Crisis to Quantum leap”, “The 7 Dimensions of 21st Century Leadership”, “The New Feminine Leadership”, “Masculine leadership in the “Feminine Century” and more.

She has often been quoted in the press for her inspiring out-of-the-box perspectives.

She has an MA from University of Copenhagen and New School for Social Research and is a Certified Kundalini-Yoga Instructor and Evolutionary Coach.

She has spent half of her life in international environments, including 12 years in Brussels and 10 years in New York City.

She currently serves a global audience with leadership training, online programs and consultancy out of Copenhagen.

She is the mother of three, whereof two on Earth and one in Heaven.


Judging by the feedback I have received through the many years I have worked as an author, lecturer, leadership trainer, mentor and entrepreneurial coach, I’m an inspiring catalyst for people and companies wishing to create a brighter future for themselves and others.

I help people and businesses adapt to 21st century paradigms so they can become uplifting frontrunners who think bigger, contribute more, see clearly, are able to to surf on chaos and show a sustainable way forward by illuminating the landscape, even in the dark.

I have the gift of being able to spot the potential in people and businesses and help them develop it. I have a sense of which leadership is “calling” and how to realize it, even with pleasure.

I’m constantly learning myself (currently belly dance!) and teach only what inspires me. I’m known for my ability to gather different tools, perspectives and people, and connect them in a way so that they benefit from each other and create results that could not otherwise have been achieved so effectively. I enjoy witnessing so many of the people I’ve met on my trainings flourish and leave the world better than when they found it.

What most pleases are all the heartwarming often lasting relationships that are created between participants and to experience my leadership training participants help, support and nurture each other in unpredictable ways.


I am a creative, intuitive, visionary and solution-oriented person dedicated to leadership.

I believe that the era where leadership comes from appointed authorities is passé. Today, everybody must grab a task to help solve the many complex issues facing us collectively.

The art is to figure out how to contribute to the community, start doing it and refining along the way.

In my perspective it is important that we all take co-responsibility for co-creating the future, both our own and the common.

I would like to help ensure that the development of our humanity keeps up to speed with the technological development, so technology does not become a heartless dominator, but a servant of a conscious humanity.

I’m a networker. You do not hire a one-woman band, except if you prefer so. I have the privilege of knowing some of the most inspiring people in the world, and jointly, we can solve larger tasks.

I believe in “lifelong learning.” Therefore, I have founded the web video media eKSplore and the podcast The Future is Feminine , where I interview leaders with and without title, so I can keep growing and the wisdom and cutting edge inspiration I find with others.



  • “I highly recommend Kirsten’s course. It’s life-transforming! Good inspiration, beautiful people and a lot of personal development. “
  • “I think it’s so worth the price. …Even hard to put a price tag on because it is a totally transforming training. “
  • “The training has definitely lived up to my expectations, actually exceeded my wildest imagination.”
  • “Can strongly recommend the trainings to others, especially if you want change. “
  • “I’ve now got so much more enjoyment into my life and I have learned how I can take leadership for co-creating what I desire.”
  • “I’ve changed 100,000% . I would recommend it to anyone who dreams of living a wonderful life …”
  • “Can only recommend this training to everyone … A real door opener on many levels.”
  • “This training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Kirsten creates an unpretentious and warm room, where she presents all her wild tools. I have experienced an inner transformation that continues to have ripple effects on many levels. “
  • “The training was very much in line with my expectations – I actually received a lot I did not know I could expect to get …”
  • “I’m so happy with the investment I made in myself – it’s invaluable.”
  • “Thanks for all that I’ve received on the training – it’s so incredibly important to me!”
  • “For the sake of pleasure, I could take the whole training again!”


I am visionary and have often been quoted in the media because I point out mega trends before they become mainstream. I work as a transforming catalyst for internal and external growth. I don´t just ask “the right questions.” I see the potential of people and businesses, and help them achieve it by revealing and releasing unconscious blockages, and incorporating new mindset and habits that are consistent with the highest vision. I prefer to teach groups, but it´s also possible to book an individual session.


I am (co) author of 7 trendsetting books about the 21st century paradigms,including The new F @ mily, Motherhood as a Career Booster, The new Career Dad,, The Millionairess Method and The Future is Feminine. I’ve also contributed to the # 1 Amazon Bestseller Shine Your Light, Powerful Practises for an Extraordinary Life along with the NY Times bestsellers authors Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Marci Smirnoff. I have grown up in an international environment and worked 10 years as a free lance journalist in New York, focusing on new trends. I have taken a number of “inner career” trainings, among others as Kundalini Yoga instructor and Evolutionary Coach. I have also studied leadership, energy work, business, etc. – currently I am studying oriental women´s wisdom and belly dance. I live in Frederiksberg with my husband and am the mother of three children, two on earth and one in heaven. My book The Future is Feminine – The 7 Pillars of 21st Century Leadership that take you and your business from Great to Extraordinary is on it´s way in English.


My purpose is to help you become an Illuminary Leader

– at home, at work and in the world.

The fact that you have found this page tells me that

you have the potential to be one of the new Illuminairies:

a lighthouse that shines in the dark and shows the path forward.

You have probably heard the Calling for a while,

and now the time has come to respond.

Indeed, you are needed as a vital resource to help take Humanity to a new and better place: a World that works for All.

My personal mission is to source a loving network of 10.000 Illuminary Leaders within the next 10 years who each affect at least 10.000 people. 

This way, we can form a tipping point that can lift each other and Humanity to heights beyond our wildest imagination.

If this resonates with you you have come to the right place.

The first step is to find out whether we are a fit.

I look much forward to meeting you.