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“I help Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Creators accelerate their transition into the mindset which drives success and impact in the 21st century. High performers are always improving. My leadership programs act as their catalyst for futureproof success.”

Kirsten Stendevad is a Nordic thoughtleader, speaker and leadership developer, specialized in "The 7 Facets of 21st Century leadership."

She is the (co-)author of 8 trendsetting books (in Scandinavian) about 21st Century paradigms which she has lectured about at Harvard Business School, MIT, McKinsey & Company and more.

Kirsten is known for her ability to create transformational networks centered around the leadership of the new era.

Her lifechanging programs enable leaders, business owners and change makers embody the leadership of the new era and to keep evolving so they stay up to speed.

Kirsten is a popular speaker on topics like “From Crisis to Quantum leap”, “The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership”, “Women as the Canary in the Coalmine", "Resilience in Rapid Growth Companies" and more.

She has often been quoted in the press for her inspiring visionary  perspectives and time has proven her spot on in all of her trendsetting books.

She has an MA from University of Copenhagen and New School for Social Research and is Certified in a number of "inner career" disciplines such as Kundalini-Yoga and Evolutionary Coaching. She is continually in trainings to keep herself and her leadership participants on the cutting edge of evolution.

Kirsten has spent half of her life in international environments, including 12 years in Brussels and 10 years in New York City. She currently serves a global audience with talks. leadership training and  online programs and - together with her network of Worldclass experts - can care for the upgrade of entire companies.

She lives in a sunlit sanctuary by the beautiful lakes in Copenhagen and is the mother of three, whereof two on Earth and one in Heaven.



One of Kirstens greatest assets is an unrivaled network of cutting edge illuminairies that she draws on for her leadership development programs. So you don´t hire a one-woman-band - unless you wish to: we can morph into many kinds of teams and deliver a customized upgrade to 21st Century leadership, the new ways of working and the transitioning from machine to organism. 

What you can count on from Kirsten are the following expertises:

-  to see and sense what is emerging before it dawns on others and help them understand where we are heading so they can adapt in time.

- to spot potential and possibilites where others see none.

-  to help people evoke and evolve their true nature: their essence, often hidden under many layers of protection, trauma and habits.

- to go beyond asking the right questions and help people and businesses achieve their potential by  releasing unconscious blocks, and incorporating new mindset and habits that are consistent with the highest vision.

- to "surf on chaos" instead of drowning in it and teaching it to others as it´s a usefull skill for everyone to master in the era of massive turbulence

- to help people and businesses turn a breakdown into a breakthrough

- to add access to the often hidden and forgotten feminine Power in all genders

- to help people create balance between their masculine and their feminine

- to attract extraordinary people, both as  teachers, participants and network

- to activate collective intelligence through groups.

 - to help others discern between ego & essence which is a necessary skill considering that the ego is the one that causes suffering and the essence gives access to what´s needed in the new era: Clarity, Compassion, Genius and Peace.





1. Change or die: The old leadership doesn´t work anymore, it is vital to shift to the new or you and your business might have gone extinct in 5-10 years
2. Amp up your Yin Intelligence: Awakening to the hidden Power of the Feminine is the missing key to solving all your problems - at Home, at Work and in the World
3. Take Evolutionary Leadership for Futureproofing: Shifting from career to Calling and contribute with all your gifts to a Bright Future for All is the only meaningful purpose from now on.

4 Turn crisis into quantum leap. It is possible to go UP instead of down from crisis – good to know in the era of poly/meta crises. Get help someone who has done it, for example myself.

Background: After a decade-long adventure in interim corporate roles across diverse organizations, I had enough work experience to conclude that business as usual is out of balance, especially for women and other "minorities".

I chose to let go of paycheck and a conventional career track and instead pursue a quest for solutions to the many problems I had observed.

I spent a decade as a US correspondent for Scandinavian media in New York City, focusing on megatrends, and taking numerous trainings on how to SHAPE the future. Then I went back to Europe to put my insights into practise and share them with others.

I have given countless talks and workshops in corporate environments, but I sensed from the beginning:  The era where leadership only comes from appointed authorities is passé. Today, everybody must grab a task to help solve the many complex issues facing us collectively. That´s how I started working with entrepreneurs, animating initiative, innovation and leadership in everybody who crossed my path.

In my perspective it is important that we all take co-responsibility for co-creating our destiny, both our own and the common so that the future becomes a present we would like to experience. This can NOT be taken as a given these days. Either you lead, or you get led. In the "free" world, we have choice. And a responsability to use it on behalf of those who don´t (yet).





  • “I highly recommend Kirsten’s course. It’s life-transforming! Good inspiration, beautiful people and a lot of personal development. “
  • “I think it’s so worth the price. …Even hard to put a price tag on because it is a totally transforming training. “
  • “The training has definitely lived up to my expectations, actually exceeded my wildest imagination.”
  • “Can strongly recommend the trainings to others, especially if you want change. “
  • “I’ve now got so much more enjoyment into my life and I have learned how I can take leadership for co-creating what I desire.”
  • “I’ve changed 100,000% . I would recommend it to anyone who dreams of living a wonderful life …”
  • “Can only recommend this training to everyone … A real door opener on many levels.”
  • “This training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Kirsten creates an unpretentious and warm room, where she presents all her wild tools. I have experienced an inner transformation that continues to have ripple effects on many levels. “
  • “The training was very much in line with my expectations – I actually received a lot I did not know I could expect to get …”
  • “I’m so happy with the investment I made in myself – it’s invaluable.”
  • “Thanks for all that I’ve received on the training – it’s so incredibly important to me!”
  • “For the sake of pleasure, I could take the whole training again!”



I am committed to help ensure that the development of our humanity keeps up to speed with the technological development, so technology does not become a heartless dominator, but a servant of a conscious humanity.

I believe in “lifelong learning.” Therefore, I have founded the web video media eKSplore and the podcast The Future is Feminine , where I interview leaders with and without title, so I can keep growing and the wisdom and cutting edge inspiration I find with others.


I am (co) author of 8 trendsetting books about the 21st century paradigms, including

The new F @ mily - on new ways of helping each other raise healthy citizens

Motherhood as a Career Booster - the path to a whole life, for those who have children (on the way) or consider it

The new Career Dad - family  as the Worlds best leadership bootcamp - achieve more with less, and remove the superficial fluff so you can live in alignment with what´s truly important for you.

The Millionairess Method - The path to Feminine Wealth: BOTH Time AND Money from turning your passion into Gold. 

The Future is Feminine - 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership

I’ve also contributed to the # 1 Amazon Bestseller Shine Your Light, Powerful Practises for an Extraordinary Life along with the NY Times bestsellers authors Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Marci Smirnoff.

And to the USA Today/WSJ bestseller Success Mindsets.

My new book, The Future of Business is Feminine, is on it´s way in English.


My purpose is to help you become an Illuminary Leader

– at home, at work and in the world.

The fact that you have found this page tells me that

you have the potential to be one of the new Illuminairies:

a lighthouse that shines in the dark and shows the path forward.

You have probably heard the Calling for a while,

and now the time has come to respond.

Indeed, you are needed as a vital resource to help take Humanity to a new and better place: a World that works for All.

My personal mission is to source a loving network of Illuminary Leaders within the next 10 years who each affect at least 10.000 people. 

This way, we can form a tipping point that can lift each other and Humanity to heights beyond our wildest imagination.

If this resonates with you you have come to the right place.

The first step is to find out whether we are a fit.

I look much forward to meeting you.