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The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership

21st century leadership conscious leadership feminine leadership regenerative leadership Dec 01, 2023
The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership by Kirsten Stendevad


Illumina International is specialized in the 7 Universal, Essential, Timeless Virtues which time has come as they are at the Core to everything else you do, no matter who you are and what level of responsibility you have.

The higher your leadership level, the more you need to pay attention as an  imbalance in any of these on the inside – by the law of Nature - results in a outer imbalance – physically, relationally, financially, naturewise etc.

The 7 Facets of 21st Century Leadership I describe in my books are:

  • Complementarity – Energizing Leadership (a prerequisite for enabling the megatrend Regenerative Leadership
  • Polarity – Synergizing Leadership (a prerequisite for nailing the megatrend DEIB)
  • Proactivity – Empowering Leadership (a prerequisite for mastering the Inner Development Goals that enable living up to ESG)
  • Authenticity – True Leadership (a prerequisite for exercising Psychological Safety to attract & retain the best human talent and be able to compete with AI)
  • Integrity – Reliable Leadership (a prerequisite for the most valuable currency: Trust)
  • Synchronicity – Inspiring Leadership (a prerequisite for Futureproofing Innovation)
  • Totality – Wholistic Leadership (a prerequisite for surviving and thriving via Collective Co-creation)

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