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7 keys that enable you to shape the  Future - at Home, at Work and in the World

Shine like a Guiding Light in Turbulent Times: Amplify Your Impact and Achieve Greater Results with Less Stress, more Resilience and deeper Joy.

After 20 years of research and helping thousands of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and creators transform from great to extraordinary and replace career with Calling, I have distilled 7 distinct virtues the modern leader and entrepreneur must embody and organize the business around  in order to survive and thrive in the era of exponential changes.

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Here's just a fraction of what you will learn:


How you can
access more of
your dormant genius so you remain relevant in the era of AI - also in the
long run.


How to become a
beacon of light
which makes
following your
leadership a
natural choice


How to master
leadership and
prime yourself for
radical change in
the coming years


How you can turn
crisis - personal,
professional, even
global - into a
quantum leap


How you can become a
happier person and a worldchanging leader
- in one go


Why the old way of leading
is no longer sufficient, and
what you must do instead



The 7 inspiring traits TRUE
leaders embody and how
you can embody them

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