Invest in upgrading your Feminine Leadership with a Nordic Leadership Evolver so you are toptuned for the Feminine Decade and the Sophia Century. INQUIRE ABOUT THE ILLUMINARY FEMININE LEADERSHIP ELLE-VATOR PROGRAM

What is your role in Herstory?

What is your Vocation? What is your feminine Legacy? EVE-olution herself is urging all women - especially the most talented ones, like yourself - to step up and contribute to the vitally important rise of the Divine Feminine. The World Mother is calling. What is your answer?

How is your Pleasure?

Are you tired of working like a man (and being paid like a woman)? Are you done stress, work-life IMbalance, body-shame, disconnection from your Holy Lap and lack of feminine fun? Then it´s time to learn how to achieve so much more with so much less by amping up your LIGHT.

Lead the Future

Want to turn crisis into a quantum leap? Want to co-create the future - your own, your company´s and the common one? Then get the help that will enable you to go beyond suffering amd stress to a higher level of clarity, compassion and creativity - with deep ease.

Meet our Founder 

Kirsten Stendevad, MA,  is a Nordic Awakener of a more Feminine Future and Illuminary Leadership Evolver.

She is known as an inspiring thoughtleader who has co-written 8 trendsetting books on 21st Century Leadership and given workshops at Harvard Business School, MIT, NYU, McKinsey & co., Mercedes, Novo Nordisk, Nordea and many more.

Since 2003 Kirsten and her faculty of extraordinary experts have trained countless leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers in the leadership of the new era.

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Choosing to join your program was life changing.

Even before I started the program, during the introduction call, I had this feeling of getting a once in a lifetime chance to reinvent and elevate myself. I knew that I was in the right hands, and I still know that you have a very special magic – and people joining the program are so blessed to experience this.

Words cannot describe what impact you have had to me and my life today. Alone the fact that you made me feel so loved and wanted is truly a special gift that you hold and I really admire you for it. This is the ultimate base for making anything grow.

Kirsten has taught me that leadership within is the way to make an impacting in the world. She has taught me how to listen to what wants to happen, and that we are all capable of making radical changes for the better both in our own lives and in the world. She has taught me to dare act and be in the world, just as I want – and you can trust that Kirsten is always by your side.

Starting my own company, with the main purpose of spreading lots of unconditioned love and kindness in our human relations – both at home and at work, is one of many outcomes from the program. Me becoming a better mom, and a better partner in my marriage are other amazing outcomes. And not to mention, the large network of beautiful and skilled people that are so dedicated to creating a better world, that I now am a part of.

From the deepest of my Heart

Thank you Kirsten ❤"

Helene Kamp Ditlev

Want to make the Seemingly Impossible Possible?

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