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Staying Agile and Steady amid the Corona Crisis

staying agile and steady amid the corona crisis Sep 15, 2020

Change and disruption was the name of the game in this era, but corona virus crisis?

Set a positive outlook towards the changes happening around us with Tune Hein, author, keynote speaker and  consultant specialised in disruption and change.

To him, this crisis might be a huge disruption but actually makes room for a lot of innovations. A lot of exciting things are coming up–if we only capture these changes and developments to deploy them and bring to our normal life after the crisis. It’s a great time to stop and think and reflect!

In his experience consulting for various business, private and public organizations, he shares that organizations have actually been finding a lot of surprises. And as leaders, we must be mindful of these and take these developments as the new normal.

In his book Disruption, he explains how the digital business model has been a must-have for everyone. Going digital does not necessarily decrease or lose relationships, it can actually increase real-time relationships and our sense of community. And these prove to be true very recently.

If we wonder, why organizations become better at executing in times of crisis? He explains it’s because goals, processes are made more simple. We unload complexity, bureaucracy, among others, and see things are a lot better in SIMPLICITY. So leaders must ask, how do we maintain this even after the crisis?

Tune, who have extensively worked on bridging leadership gaps, sees that a lot of people are now supporting each other; a break from the competitor mindset– something that makes us feel a lot better despite the crisis. People are showing more compassion, something that might have been lacking in leadership relationships for so long.

For leaders, take this time to reflect and find clever solutions and the right road map forward.

What is the leadership that we’ll need post crisis? It’s the combination of being agile and steady at the same time. Shift the traditional driver for business from fear to purpose. Stop the autopilot. Think and capture developments for your organizations.

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